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ANIMATORS! I hear what you're saying. Toon Boom stuff is too expensive. Flash is not your cup of tea (and also expensive). Well, this is your chance to get a decent priced professional 2D animation software! But it'll only come true if you support it now and spread the word!
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Hey everyone!
So what's been keeping me busy all this time?
This Saturday (July 12) at 1PM EST on the Sprout cable network, you have to tune in for the premiere of Astroblast!…
Astroblast-promo by ferretface99

I have been a Flash storyboard artist for the past few triple-cray months, and it's finally time to see it all come together!
Tell everyone!!
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: Yes
  • Reading: archy and mehitabel
  • Watching: ASTROBLAST!!!
  • Playing: Clash of Clans
  • Eating: chips
Work is great, health is fair. I'm going through some depression at the moment. Probably no use in ignoring it. It's throwing me off my game a bit, but I'm pretty sure I'll get through it eventually.
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Hey! I want to draw stuff for you guys, but I never have ideas. Tell me what you want me to draw for you, and I'll give it my best shot! You can even donate whatever you want when you see it... (I wouldn't mind making a little coin on this, y'dig?) Please commish me for something!
Caveat: Some ideas I don't wanna draw!
Commander Kitty will be wrapping up as soon as I complete this story arc. I'm going to move onto a different idea I've been working on. I had been looking forward to resuming CK for about 5 years after the first iteration, but after 3 years back online, CK hasn't gotten the attention that I felt it deserved. That, and it's getting harder to think up funny things every episode. Life and health are not as funny as they were before, so I want to at least open up the opportunity for more dramatic ideas in my storytelling (or what I consider storytelling, anyway).
So I'm going to see CK through to the end, and then gear up for something different. I hope you'll stay in orbit!

See you in the funnies!

I didn't intend to worry anyone. My health is okay, but it's just more of an effort to keep it that way lately!
I couldn't resist the Ponies, confound them!
There's a contest at to design an awesome MLP T-shirt, and I have three awesome entries;

Because the process of voting involves clicking through over a THOUSAND entries one by one, here are some helpful links!

Two Nights Only
Dizzy Derpy!

Registration required to vote, but aren't I worth it? :)

Thanks very much and tell your friends! I hope I win!

Scotty "Doesn't Have A Bronie Name" A
My social skills go up +1!
Hi! When I started on DA, I thought I would be doing a lot more lurking than contributing, so I used a random jumble of letters that no one would remember. Not even me! But now I'm using it more, so I'm moving all or most of my stuff to this new spot, ferretface99. That's easy to remember!
So if you think you see doubles, it's just me moving my stuff in. :)
Hope you like my stuff!
- Scotty A